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H.M.S. Hood - Short Film

Based on the true story of the famous British battleship H.M.S. Hood. The story follows Bobby and the events leading up to him boarding the Hood as a crew member.

I wrote, edited, produced and directed this project as a very ambitious high school video class project. There was a lot of learning that happened during the making of this project. It is a product of its time, but the experience I gained was so valuable.

From Drummondville to Stamford - Documentary

The Drummondville County Grammar School opened in 1857, at that time a tradition was born. Throughout the next 150 years, the school would not only undergo educational changes, but many physical transformations would occur. In 1907, the school became known as Stamford High School and within the next 100 years Stamford produced some great success stories from politicians, broadcasters, filmmakers (featuring legendary director James Cameron), doctors, laywers, to hornets everywhere.

LEGO Shawshank Redemption - Stopmotion

Created for a contest where you had to recreate your favourite movie in 60 seconds, I decided on the 1994 classic The Shawshank Redemption.

Shot using Stop Motion Studio Pro for iPhone and faces animated using their software for Mac.

BO5TON - Documentary Short

For four straight years Tim has run the Boston Marathon. In 2019, it was his fifth time running.

Running a marathon can be a challenging task for many to complete and this year he encountered an ankle injury that could have slowed him down.

On top of all of these challenges, Tim is also legally blind.

Woman - Short

A video I directed for International Women's Day in 2016.

Sadly it was never released by the individual I directed it for.

Brita, the girl in the video, was absolutely amazing to work with and extremely talented.

Gotham Rising - Short Film

A short film I co-wrote, co-edited, and directed in 2013.

This short film focuses on the chaos happening throughout Gotham City through the eyes of Commissioner Gordon and The Joker deep in the basements of Blackgate Prison as a new vigilante launches an attack on a local businessman.