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Ashes by Monday - Feature Screenplay

After the death of their groups leader, four life long friends embark on an incredible journey to fulfill the deceases final wishes. The only catch is they have to steal the body first.

Matthew Perry Tribute - Poetry

After learning about the passing of FRIENDS actor Matthew Perry, I sat down to write a tribute to someone I've watched on screen for the majority of my life.

Thank you Matthew for the many years of entertainment and may you Rest in Peace.

The Cinemagicians - Unproduced TV Series

A TV series celebrating the world of special effects in film and television.

The fully developed first season would have taken audiences on a ride through the history of the effects industry and celebrate the triumphs of the art and magic of The Cinemagicians.

Time: A Poem - Poetry

Written aboard a train from Amboise to Paris in France.

After a two-hour journey down to visit the tomb of Leonardo da Vinci in Amboise, I discovered the tomb was closed for restoration.

A frustrating experience turned into this poem about time.